What are the values of School camps? 

Our students of today are the future of tomorrow. It is our place to ensure that we are guiding them in the best possible way with character building school camps NSW . We have all been in their shoes at some stage and can appreciate the great emotions that students go through.

School camps offer a great opportunity to create some great memories. Without even realising it they begin building their own personal Character. They are also creating great lasting bonds with friends and begin to create new friendships with others.

Pre-Camp planning

It all starts early on in the process before the actual camp with the planning of:

  • Packing and they need to bring with them
  • Clothing requirements throughout the camp
  • Snacks and food for comfort

Through to the activities while away and anticipation for the date. These all create a great hype and distraction from the daily stresses that students may be facing.

On Camp

Once at Camp the opportunities for Character Building and Student Bonding then can be focused on through specific activities.

During the camp groups can be formed and a work roster established giving each group specific tasks for the day. Whether it is wash up duty, room inspections or helping to prepare meals this gives a sense of purpose and a team work element.The Retreat Port Stephens - Team Building Activities

The activities of an evening are also the perfect time to get students interacting with each other through Trivia Quiz’s, Talent Shows, Games night and Group Activities while having a fun time.

Port Stephens is the perfect example of how this can be achieved with a great range of fun activities which can be incorporated into school camps.

Port Stephens activities

  • National Park guided and self-guided walks
  • Worimi Conservation Lands Sand Boarding Activities
  • Port Stephens Marine Park Dolphin Cruises
  • Murrook Indigenous Education Centre
  • Irukandji Shark & Ray Centre
  • Learn to Surf Lessons & SUP

All of these activities offer not just an educational aspect but a great way to put students in a different environment and push each of them to a new limit.

For assistance with planning team building and character building school camps in Port Stephens simply email us here at The Retreat Port Stephens.