Flying into Port Stephens Itinerary

No matter where you are located in Australia or the world, being able to travel to regional destinations is easier than ever. When travelling throughout the world we are faced with so many choices for where to go, what to see and eat.

Port Stephens is really open to the world to explore with Newcastle Airport only 20 minutes drive from The Retreat. There are daily flights coming in from Melbourne and Brisbane which are popular destinations for their own purposes.  From these major Airports a one hour flight has guests in Port Stephens.

All the major car rental companies are located at the airport as well so you can fly in and hire a car. The convenience of exploring the region with a car while in Port Stephens is recommended. This way you can create a timetable to suit yourself.

Below is a sample Itinerary to see and experience the best of Port Stephens

Fly Drive Port Stephens NSW Itinerary


Arrive Newcastle Airport – daily flights from Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney

  Pick up Hire car from Airport

Check in to accommodation

Afternoon sight seeing and exploring the region


Tomaree Headland morning walk

Dolphin Cruise or Kayak hire

4WD Sand dune Adventure

Camel Ride on the beach


  Gan Gan lookout

Irukandji Shark & Ray Centre

Depart for Airport or drive to Sydney

Whether you choose to fly or drive to Port Stephens NSW we have the itinerary ideas to make your next holiday exactly what you are looking for.

If you would like a package to suit your holiday requirements simply call (02) 4982 1244 or email