Food & Wine Itinerary Experience

Picture yourself sitting at a funky eatery over looking the sparkling waters of Port Stephens. We do it all the time here come an join us.

Or relaxing in the local vineyard and brewery sampling the seasons finest drop. Yeah do that all the time.

After savouring the amazing mouthful of deliciousness you have just indulged in has left your craving more. Well don’t worry there is plenty more to be had by all.

I am pretty sure that almost all of you would agree what we all want to feast on the best and freshest local produce. Well within minutes of our Retreat there is plenty on offer.

Food and Wine Itinerary Port Stephens NSW- The Retreat Port Stephens

Customise your itinerary

You can combine the Food & Wine Itinerary with our packages . This means you can create an itinerary to die for if you are a foodie like me.

For Couples and Families our Cabins or Bungalows are most suitable or for those coming away with a few families there is a great range of group accommodation to choose from. Onsite we have a great range of facilities for all guests to enjoy

Cheers Michelle

To book your Food and Wine Itinerary in Port Stephens NSW call (02) 4982 1244 or email