Do you offer marine studies as a subject?

Have you thought about doing this if you don’t?

Enjoy the calm water of the Bay and meet with the local resident Bottle-nose dolphins before cruising to one of the many offshore islands.

Our favorite snorkelling spots are light house cove on Fingal island and the Western side of Cabbage Tree Island.

The rain forest of Cabbage Tree Island is home to the Gould’s Petrel – Australia’s most endangered sea bird, this island is also the most southern rain-forest island in Australia.

Fingal Island is home to one of NSW oldest lighthouse, we can venture right under the tower where lighthouse cove offers a unique seascape for snorkelers.

At anchor in the lea of the island, sheltered from the prevailing summer breeze, our dive master will introduce you to a rich and ever-changing under water world.

There is lot of species of fish, sea urchins and soft corals and often sea turtles to be seen.

Then we will hoist the sail and take you through some of the most scenic landscape along the NSW coast. The volcanic islands and the headlands of Yaccaba and Tomaree are awesome sights from the water and sailing back to port complete a fabulous experience.

Requirements: You need to know how to swim if you want to participate in the snorkelling. Dress warm for the sailing and bring your swimmers and towels, we will provide all snorkelling gears and the expertise of our Dive Master.

Duration:  3.5 hrs

To find out more about Marine Studies School Camp Port Stephens at The Retreat please call (02) 4982 1244 or email