Exclusive bookings and breaking up costs

Congratulations on booking The Retreat as your venue of choice for your Function. A feature of booking The Retreat is that the whole property is booked exclusively to you and your guests.

The Retreat is the perfect location for a private function. Having the whole property for your family and friends to stay means that you get to spend some quality time with each and every one of them. This is perfect for those that may have traveled Interstate or from overseas. Once you arrive your time together begins.

The package you have booked is inclusive for up to 80 guests. We can however, sleep up to 98 guests. Additional guest charge apply. For any guests attending for the function only there is a visitor day charge.

Allocating Beds and Room costs for Private Functions

The first thing you need to work out is:

  1. Will you paying for all your guests to stay? or;
  2. Will your guests contribute towards the accommodation costsallocating beds and room costs for private functions The Retreat Port Stephens ?

Think of it this way………..they would have to pay if they were staying elsewhere.  There is no right or wrong amount to charge but we have worked out some costs which makes it all really straight forward. The current breakdown is available upon request.

To assist with the rooming allocation for your guests we have created a simple document which shows all the buildings, bedrooms and beds in each. There is a space for you to add the names of your guests as you work through your guest list.

Allocating room costs and beds for private functions can seem like a daunting task, but we have done the hard work and created these easy to use templates for you.

How to best allocate the rooms?

allocating beds and room costs for private functions The Retreat Port Stephens The Retreat you have a combination of smaller individual rooms as well as our larger accommodation houses. These are all perfect for Families, Couples and friends.

For families with young children or older family members the smaller accommodation buildings are best suited.  Couples, families and friends that are wanting private rooms but happy to share bathrooms are best allocate rooms within the group accommodation. These are all private rooms for 2-4 guests.

All buildings include all linen, towels and toiletries.

Parking at The Retreat

All of our accommodation buildings have free designated parking. Our Cabins, Bungalows, The Ranch and Duplexes have carports next to the buildings. The Lodge has a large parking area.

Additional parking is available on either side of the long driveway to the Duplexes. We just ask for guests to park on an angle.  For functions requiring parking for a large number of day guests, please speak to reception prior to arrival.