School Camp Activities

Unite your students and reach new heights. We have a great range of onsite group activities available. You can also include local tours and attractions in your next school camp. Group activities can help improve your your classroom dynamics. And these activities can also improve communication and team work of your students.

The activities can be tailored for all ages. So what ever the purpose of your school camp is we are here to help. Delivering fun and wacky team programs to bring your students together and boosting moral.

School Camp Activities -

Teacher Resources

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Onsite Student Group Activities

Exciting Adventure Team Events, Problem Solving Games and Communication and
Trust programs are just some of the programs available.

RECESS – Team Building

1.5hrs Minimum 10 students

Take part in a series of wacky fun challenges pushing the group to develop their skills. Fun obstacle courses, scavenger hunts, building oversize puzzles and building structures without using your hands. Adapting on the day according to the group dynamics and mood, we ensure all programs are fun.

Programs are sure to be full of laughs, build a stronger bond within the group, improve communication and teamwork all of which is directly relate able to the school environment.

School Camp Activities -
School Camp Activities -

Resort Scramble

1.5hrs – 2hrs Minimum 10 students

Similar to the Amazing Race, teams will race around the grounds of The Retreat completing IQ tests and completing an activity challenge. The team with the most points at the end of the specified time wins.

Each team is issued a map and instructions on completing various tasks scattered around The Retreat.

Each task gains points for your team and contributes to the overall score. The first team across the line is not necessarily victorious, instead the team with the most points earned along the way will be the winner.

Local Educational Tours & Attractions

All within minutes from The Retreat the following tours and activities offer a fun and educational element.

School Camp Activities -