Marine Studies for the Environment’s Future

With the oceans covering more than 70 per cent of the earth’s surface, and holding an estimated 80 per cent of all life on earth, it is vital to consider the ocean as having a staggeringly undervalued influence on all forms of life on this planet. The seas are rich in mineral and marine life, and still holds many mysteries to discovery. When students take on Marine Studies for stage 6, year 12 studies, students will discover the great diversity of biology the oceans have to offer.

With Port Stephens having an amazing Marine Park at hand, students can witness firsthand the array of species of fish life, and marvel at the magnificent marine diversity.

Marine Studies School Camps

We have created a unique and specific package for schools, to create a memorable experience to help inspire the Marine Biologists of the future. Catered towards educating students, while still providing entertainment, our Marine Studies package offers all the inclusions required for a successful camp with delicious meals and comfortable accommodation, combined with partnership with local tour operators.

Our Marine Partners

Imagine Cruises Marine Discovery Tour

Enjoy an adventurous cruise where you can spend time in the cooling waters around Port Stephens. Swim with countless species of fish, see the sea urchins and soft corals (but please, don’t touch!) and delight at the occasional appearance of a sea turtle. The bottle nose dolphins are well known to take a close look at our cruise boat, as they accompany us out of the Bay to head to one of the many offshore islands that bless our beautiful Port Stephens area.

Marine Studies in Port Stephens » Camps

Only available during the warmer months of the year, Imagine Cruises covers the hire of snorkel, fins & mask, so all we need to do is supply them with happy Marine Studies campers. The Marine Studies curriculum is aimed at preparing students be able to monitor and manage essential issues such as environmental change, human impacts on the ocean, and biodiversity. Support their learning with a relaxing and educational Marine Studies Port Stephens School Camp.

Marine Studies in Port Stephens » Camps

Irukandji Shark & Ray Centre

Irukandji offers budding Marine Biologists the chance at hands on experiences, within the safety of the centre. It is an incredible opportunity to encounter a world little is known about. Animal encounters include:

  • Shallows encounter – wade in the sandy shallows beach style lagoons, feeding and petting the beautiful animals
  • Shallows wetsuit – get right in, feed and interact with the animals while you learn about marine life
  • Reef shark snorkel – not for the faint hearted, swim around with our biggest reef sharks
  • Zebra shark snorkel – enter the warm water of the tropical lagoon with gorgeous zebra sharks
  • Stingray snorkel – we are home to smaller sharks, rays and our huge 150kg smooth rays

Onsite Student Group Activities

Make your school camp with us the best one yet. We offer exciting team bonding experiences, problem solving games and challenges to test improve your students’ communication. Fun obstacle courses, scavenger hunts and building oversize puzzles can help bring your students together. Programs are entertaining, designed to build a stronger bond within the group.

Marine Studies Port Stephens School Camps NSW

We are the perfect venue for school camps, being ideally located in a pristine, private and secure environment. We have thought of everything for school camps (including a delicious supper, just before bed). Our Camp caretakers are onsite 24hours a day for the comfort of staff, students and parents. To enquire about your Marine Studies Port Stephens school camps NSW, simply call (02) 4982 1244 or email