Penrith Panthers Under 20’s preseason Bootcamp

Early January 2016 saw the Penrith Panthers Under 20’s preseason training camp at The Retreat Port Stephens. This was a much different style of camp compared to the Wests Tigers NRL side which was held in late 2015.

The Penrith Panthers Bootcamp was a 24hr intense training which started the moment the Port Stephens Coached bus pulled into the driveway. The 40 players involved in this Bootcamp had no idea where they were going or for how long. As soon as the bus doors opened the bus was stormed by 3 Army Commando’s who took control of all the players and for the next 24hrs pushed them to their limits.

The weather had been perfect with clear blue skies and very pleasant temperatures till their arrival day and the weather forecast for the next 48hrs was rain and lots of it.

Players were loaded off the bus with all their belongings and guided down to the old camp grounds where bags were dropped and left for the day while they headed out to the sand dunes and a run down to the Sygna Ship wreak and back which is approximately 44km and that was just the warm up.

Through the afternoon and evening the training session continued as well as targeted team building activities. For the evenings stay army tents were put up for the players to camp and have an area to rest in between sessions which were only for a few hours at a time.

After the 1am session the weather really set in and the heavy rain showers forced the players into the back section of the games room for the remainder of the morning till the 5am session. With all the players tired, wet and hungry this final session really tested the boys but a hot breakfast was awaiting them at the end.

All in all the Penrith Panthers preseason training corporate bootcamp Port Stephens was a great success and the goals were achieved that the club had planned. Now the remaining preseason continues and the culling process is getting closer to have the final team for 2016 season.

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