What is  Irukandji Shark and Ray Encounters Port Stephens all about??

Irukandji is a unique interactive aquarium that allows visitors to experience ocean life in a new and exciting way at an affordable price. Irukandji’s purpose is to be a recognized leader in connecting people to our natural world. Education on conservation plays a major roll at the attraction with visitors passion and empathy to our fish family helping to promote a healthy ocean for their wild cousins.

This Unique experience is a lifetime opportunity to interact with marine life by joining them in their world. Feeding a natural predator in the wild can create an array of impacts from damaging delicate ecological systems to influencing the behaviors of these animals to associate humans with food. Irukandji takes away that danger with a wide array of friendly Sharks and Rays just bursting to say Hi.

Irukandji is a massive family, Fish and staff alike, whose life dream is to reveal the true character of some of the worlds most beautiful, intelligent, elusive creatures and at the same time educate us about the Australia’s delicate ocean ecosystems

The Retreat Port Stephens offers accommodation right next door to Irukandji Shark and Ray Encounters. With accommodation for couples, families, groups and schools camps we have it all covered. Brilliant onsite facilities for all guests to enjoy and entertain all.

For groups and schools we also offer onsite catering and onsite activities. 

The journey that each and every person embarks on comes with education on all the species that you meet. You may get to learn something new about one of your favorite animals, or discover an entirely new creature that you’ve never seen before.

Irukandji is dedicated to spreading awareness and making a difference for aquatic life through display, interaction, communication, education, research and action.

Some of our oceans’ worst enemies are slowly destroying the natural environment un-checked. Our mission is to not let them go by quietly, we will bring them into the light and hopefully play a huge part in turning it all around.

Stay at The Retreat Port Stephens when visiting Irukandji Shark and Ray Encounters Port Stephens. (02) 4982 1244 or email bookings@theretreatportstephens.com.au